06 April 2010

Racist Tea?

I wish I could find a picture, but last week I saw a news report on a Tea Party, and, as God is my witness, there was a protester in the crowd carrying a sign that read:

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

It has been de rigueur in the MSM to call the Tea Partier's "racist."

But really, why would a racist quote the original rap song?


oneno said...

Tony, this is directly from our local media as the "Tea Party Express" just rolled through here yesterday.


Tony said...

I love this quote from the article:

Sandi Siefker of Rock Island attended the rally, but not in support of the Tea Party's message. She stood quietly on the edge of the gathering with a sign that read "Tea Klux Klan, Modern Day KKK."

"I'm pleasantly surprised," Ms. Siefker said. "There's no hoods or capes, but I know they are racists.

I wonder what else she knows with no evidence whatsoever...