15 July 2009

Army? We don't need no stinking army!

Apparently, we did not need an entire army to win WW2.

We just needed several Ted Kenna's, strategically place, each with a rifle and one bullet per enemy soldier.

The headline brags about what he did with a Bren gun, but he got really effective when he grabbed a rifle.

On his own initiative and without orders, Kenna stood up in full view of the enemy less than 50 yards away and engaged the bunker, firing his Bren gun from the hip. Fire was returned at once, bullets passing between his arms and his body but somehow missing him. Undeterred, Kenna continued to fire at the enemy until his ammunition was exhausted. He then discarded his Bren gun, called for a rifle and despite intense machine-gun fire killed the enemy gunner with his first round.

When a machine gun opened up on him from a second position, Kenna, who had remained standing, killed the gunner with his next round. The bunker was captured without further loss, the company attack went forward and the enemy position was carried.[Emphasis added]

Rest in peace, hero!

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