23 June 2009

Is this Love or Just a Confusion?

The local paper carried a story about a singer coming to town to perform. The singer, Namoli Brennet, who is repeatedly and consistently referred to as "she" in the article (it would be redundant to say "small town paper" and "fawning") The singer has released several cd's.

Upon seeing the singer's picture, I was thought her the victim of some cruel divine joke, until I saw that the name of "her" first cd was "Boy in a Dress."



Since our paper is willing to refer to a man as a woman because she feels that way and wants to be called that, I expect that all future references to me will include the honorific, "His Gracious and semi-divine Imperial Majesty" because I am now the Emperor and Demi-god of Wisconsin.

Because I feel that way, and I want to be called that.

And your chauvenistic physiology and reality be darned!

1 comment:

victorsleeps said...

"His Gracious and semi-divine Imperial Majesty"... there must be a shorter phrase we can use.

Can't we just call you "President Obama"?