30 June 2009

And they thought W was out of touch?

This little snippet from Obama's energy speech this week:

We know the benefits. In the late 1970s, the state of California enacted tougher energy-efficiency policies. Over the next three decades, those policies helped create almost 1.5 million jobs. And today, Californians consume 40 percent less energy per person than the national average -- which, over time, has prevented the need to build at least 24 new power plants. Think about that. California -- producing jobs, their economy keeping pace with the rest of the country, and yet they have been able to maintain their energy usage at a much lower level than the rest of the country.

Does this man read the news?

As Taranto points out:

We seem to remember hearing stories of "rolling blackouts" in California a few years ago. Today, with unemployment approaching 12%, California's economy is hardly "keeping pace," and the state's fiscal affairs are such a wreck that they almost give New Yorkers reason to feel good about their state's government.
And this from the folks who accused President Bush of being out of touch.

23 June 2009

A Prescription for better health

Since President Obama wants everyone to be in better health, in order to contain costs for national health care reform (cost containment is one of the two "lines in the sand" he has drawn, along with universal coverage), I have a suggestion.

Numerous studies have shown that people who attend religious services once a week live longer and are in better health.

As a cost containment measure, I propose that the Obama administration mandate weekly church attendance.

Is this Love or Just a Confusion?

The local paper carried a story about a singer coming to town to perform. The singer, Namoli Brennet, who is repeatedly and consistently referred to as "she" in the article (it would be redundant to say "small town paper" and "fawning") The singer has released several cd's.

Upon seeing the singer's picture, I was thought her the victim of some cruel divine joke, until I saw that the name of "her" first cd was "Boy in a Dress."



Since our paper is willing to refer to a man as a woman because she feels that way and wants to be called that, I expect that all future references to me will include the honorific, "His Gracious and semi-divine Imperial Majesty" because I am now the Emperor and Demi-god of Wisconsin.

Because I feel that way, and I want to be called that.

And your chauvenistic physiology and reality be darned!

What exactly is going on?

A Flat Tax for California?

The Governator goes back to his roots as a reformer.

Wyden's Third Way

The Oregon senator questions the wisdom of a government health insurance plan.

When did theses guys come to their senses? Wow.