03 April 2009

Wobal Glarming

Let me say two things about the subject of environmentalism.

First, I do not believe that we should wantonly abuse the planet or its resources. I believe in conservation. I believe that the Genesis text calls us to be stewards, not exploiters, of the world. I do not litter. I recycle. I print on the back of old paper before I throw it away.

Second, I have, seen no evidence that leads me to believe that human beings are the primary cause of the so-called climate chaos/global warming that many claim is the apocalypse that man is bringing upon himself. I believe that much of the so-called green movement, and the environmentalists and the global warmists are a mask for an extreme left socialist agenda. This is not an original idea; I first heard it from Vaclav Klaus, president the Czech Republic.

Much of what passes for environmentalism holds a disdain for other human beings and the tremendous amount of illogic... or hypocrisy. I recall being at a Bonnie Raitt concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis a number of years ago. Between songs, as part of her shtick, she stood there and railed against nuclear power. Of course, she was doing this building electric heat, speaking over electric power amplification system, lit up by electric lights, and 24% of Minnesota's electricity comes from three nuclear power plants.

The environmental left does not want us to burn coal, does not want us to damn streams, is afraid that wind turbines are going to kill bats and birds and does not want nuclear. I have not seen any of them turning off all their lights.

one of the benefits of putting that silly widget on the side of my blog has been exposure to the blog Death By a Thousand Papercuts. In a recent post he links to two articles, and you can follow the links from the blog link above. The headlines tell the story for this post:

The Available Evidence Does Not Support Fossil Fuels as the Source of Increasing Concentrations of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide


Ozone Hole Fluctuations Caused By Cosmic Rays, Not Chlorofluorocarbons?

Like I said, I've seen no evidence, and after all these years I'd think they'd be chomping at the bit to show us some if they had it.

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