06 April 2009

The Finale

Several years ago I stopped watching ER. It didn't really jump the shark, but sometime after the death of Dr. Mark Greene, I just got bored with the characters, especially the new ones and the soap opera feel it took on.

It was a show with some great moments. Probably my very favorite sequence in the entire show was the series of episodes around Bishop Stewart, played by James Cromwell, in which the character of Luca confronted his faith and the issues around the death of his family. It was very well done, and represented some of the best theology on TV in a long time.

I thought that the finale episode was all well and good. A little odd to have Carter hanging around the ER that much when it didn't work there, but you have to suspend disbelief.

The one thing that I found disturbing was that they had an hour of reflections by present and former cast members that ran before the finale. With the exception of Julia Margulies, they only interviewed actors who play doctors. They left out the fact that there are at least six characters that IMDB reports were present on the series for all 15 years of the show: Jerry, Frank, and the nurses, Lydia, Haleh, Malik, Lily & Chuney. So here is a tribute to them, including one of the prettiest women on television, Laura Ceron, at the far right, who played Chuney.

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