31 March 2009

Really Stupid Stuff, Part 689

The Sauda blog has the above picture with the question "Is this racist?"

They link to the Fox 50 website in Raleigh, North Carolina, and possibly elsewhere. One Anthony Bartkewicz reports:

A Russian ice cream company is taking criticism for using an image resembling Barack Obama to advertise a chocolate and vanilla ice cream bar, according to a Reuters report. The ad for an ice cream called Duet features a computer-generated cartoon of Obama in front of the White House with the slogan "The flavor of the week! Black in White!"

I have no particular opinion on whether or not this is racist. If you have to ask, I kind of doubt it. The really stupid stuff?

1. Other than being a cartoon representation of a black male in a suit, in what way does this resemble Barack Obama? I thought we were long past the notion that "they all look alike."

2. A quick Google search indicates that Mr. Bartkewicz is apparently an American writer who lives in the New York City area. A friendster.com profile indicates that an individual with this name living in this area is a 35-year-old male who describes himself as a "grammar and spelling Nazi." You might also want to become more educated in the identification of significant American landmarks if he is going to continue to serve as a journalist. The article identifies the building as the White House; it is the Capital.

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