09 March 2009

Islam: Religion of Peace part 2 (The Pre-quel?)

How did I miss this story?

In 2005, Cronulla Beach, Sidney was rocked by a series of minor, but very disturbing, confrontations between Muslim street gangs and surfers. While the Australian mainstream media discouraged accurate reporting in order to protect delicate Australians from realizing that primitive savages had begun to assert themselves, other news outlets ultimately let the truth out:

It seems that gangs of Muslim youths had taken to frightening bikini clad females sunbathing, threatening them with rape, being lewd and gross, and generally threatening the surfers and sunbathers who sought to make them go away.These youths were openly racist and very creepy. The media and police blamed the victims, of course. Eventually three off-duty life guards were beaten up by a Muslim gang. The police deferred doing anything.

People got angry. And as the Prime Minister whined about multicultural values , a crowd of 5,000, many drunk, gathered to protest the Muslim behavior. That gathering turned into a riot when the crowd was threatened by a Muslim with: ‘I’m going to blow youse all up.’

That was only the beginning of a jihad against white Australians. Open racist hatred broke out, chronicled by the media that could not deny the fact that Muslim street gangs were attacking men and women because of race, screaming “Allah” this and “Allah” that.

Days of rage followed, with Tit for Tat, church burnings, assaults on Aussie women, and assaults on Muslim youths. Many arrest followed, and the authorities got control of situation.

Death by a 1000 Papercuts, a blogger, has an update on the story. But what fascinates me about this is the utter logical disconnect that seems so prevelent among Muslim males. It seems to go like this:

  • I am a good Muslim.
  • As a good Muslim, I reject that which is overtly sexual as lewd and inappropriate.
  • You are being overtly sexual and lewd.
  • Therefore, I will rape you.
  • I am a good Muslim.
Huh?!? How?

It is either a complete loathing of women or just a total disconnect that seems to occur in Muslim men. This is not new. The first time I was aware of the existence of Islam as a religion was when the Bangladesh war of independence hit the news almost 40 years ago. (I was a Huntley-Brinkley junkie at an early age.) The first "facts of life" talk I got from my parents was when I asked what the reporter meant by "mass rape" being used as a means of war by the Pakistani army. And then there is the fact that at least some of the 9/11 hijackers spent the last evenings of their life in strip clubs.

For a religion of peace which is based entirely on works, this seems particularly counterintuitive. Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

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