23 March 2009

In poor taste, and completely inappropriate!

I once proposed telling this jokeas part of a Vaudeville-style routine in connection with a local melodrama called Shanghaied in Astoria. The director nixed it because he did not think it would add to the comic, festive atmosphere of the show to have the audience think about death. Jaakko & Eino (pronounced yak'-ko and ay'-no) are archetype comedy figures who would be the Finnish counterparts to the dumb and dumber of Norwegians, Sven and Ole.

Please understand that I have nothing but sympathy for the families of those who died in this tragic plane crash. It is now been revealed that likely an entire family has been wiped out. That is awful.

But just in case anyone has any question as to what a terrible person I am, I confess to the following:

Last night I flipped on the news, and the story of the Butte, Montana plane crash came on. It was "Breaking News" at that point, and there was an awful lot of information that was known incompletely, and it turns out later, wrongly. I was thus reminded of a joke.

The initial reports from the scene were that there were 17 dead at the scene, and that the plane had crashed into a cemetery adjacent to the Butte airport.

There were also some discussion with aviation experts on the phone as to what sort of aircraft this was and how many passengers it could carry. The consensus was that this plane could carry 10 to 12 people, and yet there were 17 reported dead. Which is what reminded me of this joke.
Did you hear about the terrible accident? It's the worst disaster in county history. A single engine, two-seat plane crashed in the Astoria Cemetery. Clatsop County search and rescue coordinators Jaakko & Eino report that the body count currently stands at 183, and is expected to rise as digging continues.
Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

But sometimes, especially in the midst of tragedy, you've just got to laugh.

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