27 March 2009

Earth Hour! Counterrevolution

March 27, 2009 -- 4:30 p.m.

Turn On, Tune In

Cast a vote for freedom by switching on the lights Sunday night!

A Web site called EarthHour.org, apparently unconcerned about the carbon footprint of majuscules, urges global warmists to "VOTE EARTH BY SWITCHING OFF YOUR LIGHTS FOR ONE HOUR" starting at 8:30 p.m. tomorrow. We were tempted to make fun of this, as many people in the site's comment section have done, but then we remembered what President Obama said about cynics who fail to understand that the ground has shifted beneath them. So instead of being consumed by the stale political argument that this protest is silly, we're going to do something positive: organize a counterprotest.

Reader, if you are against global-warming hysteria, high taxes, socialized medicine and a weak foreign policy, Sunday is your day. Show how you feel about the issues by turning on your lights in the evening and leaving them on until you go to bed. If you go out for a drive after dark, make sure you turn your headlights on too.

Granted, the EarthHour people have a head start on us. They started planning this months ago, whereas we're giving you all of 48 hours notice. Yet we think the outlook is bright for this effort. Tell your friends, tell them to tell their friends, and so on, and we'll bet millions of people across the country will turn their lights on Sunday night.

If no one will listen to the silent majority, let's at least make sure they see us.

1 comment:

Exodio said...

Sometimes the message gets obscured by the messenger.

Global climate change isn't just a possibility, it is inevitable. The world changes constantly. Hotter, colder, wetter, drier. Ignoring that fact because of knee-jerk reactions against the knee-jerk reactionaries is as counterproductive as the original knee-jerk reactions.

In the 70s it was the New Ice Age. Now it is the New Global Warming. Fanatics push a political and hysterical agenda one way or the other, and fanatics against the idea push the opposite extreme.

Paying attention to energy consumption is just a good idea. Having nothing to do with global warming or the whole climate change industry.

The world WILL change, and the Human Race should be ready for both extremes - cold and hot. Don't shoot the idea just because the messenger happens to be politically motivated and hysterical.