01 February 2009

What a Bunch of Snakes, Part 2

Remember when President Bush, in 2000, nominated a guy to his cabinet who had gotten rich on Wall Street during a recession, had a chauffeur driven limousine that belonged to some fat cat at his disposal all the time, worked for a firm that did lobbying but never registered himself as a lobbiest, and had unpaid taxes that amounted to more than what most people make in a year?

Neither do I, but if he had, you know the Dems would have run the guy out of town on a rail that wouldn't have stopped short of, I dunno, South Dakota!

Yet that is a perfect description of Tom Daschle.

So why is it that Republicans are so much better at vetting their nominees, and so poor at calling out the Dems on the corrupt scoundrels and tax cheats that they appoint?

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