19 February 2009

Well, good for Pakistan!

Turns out that Pakistan is indeed letting us launch drones from a base in SW Baluchistan, as confirmed to Fox News.

The Times Online even went on Google Earth and got a photo. the 2006 photo of the Shamsi airbase clearly shows three odd shaped planes that resemble the UAV's.

The Times also has the 2008 photo. Look ma, no drones!
Pay no attention to the large, hanger like building in the new picture. It is just a ... a ... sheep barn ... yeah, yeah, a sheep barn, that's the ticket!

Come on. You guys are the flippin' Central Intelligence Agency. Don't you look at the internet? Didn't you know that on January 20 2006 lefties were already using Google Earth to try and pinpoint rendition flights at Prestwick Airport?

Haven't you heard of camoflage netting? It's been around since WW2!

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