10 February 2009

The Most Powerful Woman in the World!

Sen Susan Collins has voted for the "Stimulus" Package. It now goes to conference committee.
A talking head on TV said yesterday that she has threatened that if the final bill varies much from the version she agreed to, she may not back it. (No link.)
That means that Collins may be holding the entire House and Senate in the palm of her hand on this one.
Of course, since Wall Street finds nothing to like in this bill or in Treasury Secretary Geithner's speech where he apparently had little of substance to say,

"The good news is they are going to spend a trillion dollars, the bad news is they don't know how," said James Cox, managing partner at Harris Financial Group.

she may take the blame instead of the credit ....


victorsleeps said...

Here's another fly in the ointment.

I just listened to Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) on WLS radio. He said that the US will have to borrow $150 billion a week, every week for the next year, in order to pay for the stimulus package.

The problem is, countries like China (the number one purchaser of US debt) have stopped buying our debt. This year, China needs to borrow money in order to keep their economy going.

Germany (the worlds #3 economy) just tried to sell some of their debt and nobody would buy it.

If we just start printing money, that will lead to hyper inflation.

Uh oh..

Exodio said...

Next stop:

or World Government?

Is this being orchestrated? Or is the carefully orchestrated system now collapsing?