02 February 2009

Looking Forward; Looking Backward.

President Obama says that he is not interested in looking backward into the trumped up claims of Bush administration "war crimes" and "unconstitutional acts"

He has good reason to not want to do this. He may well need these same tools at his disposal to keep this country safe.

Speaker Pelosi, on the other hand, is more interested in hind-sight than the president.

How long can he hold them off? More importantly, how long, will he hold them off?

The answer: until the public begins to blame Obama for faltering economy.

After all, if you can't give them bread, give them circuses!

It would, after all be more politically prosperous for the Donkeys to look backwards into the GWOT than to look back into the cause of the Freddie/Fannie Collapse that brought this crisis on.

The caveat for this: if we are hit again, there will be no looking backward at all.

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victorsleeps said...

It's real easy for people to sit on the sideline and say we shouldn't do this or we shouldn't do that.

But once you are the one who wears the crown, and the safety of 300 million people rests on you. Your views change.

Obama is in office and as of this moment the Patriot Act is quietly still in place. Funny, it's a crime when a Republican does it, but it is necessary when a Democrat is in charge.