02 February 2009

A Dearth of Creativity

A sad weekend for creativity.

Steve Martin was so under / mis-used on Saturday Night Live this week. The funniest things on the entire show were:
  • a throw-away hallway scene where the women of the show all declared that they had crushes on Steve Martin. (Them girls can sing!)
  • Rod Blagojevich on Weekend Update saying, "I know in most states it's shocking when your governor gets indicted, but in Illinois, its like a coin coming up tails." (Seth had a few other funny Update lines)
  • The Chewable Pampers ad (don't watch during dinner)
  • Laser Cats.

The rest of the show was pretty forgettable.

But surely the Madison Avenue folks could do better in writing Super Bowl ads, couldn't they? No. Not really. I found most of them pretty forgettable. The most interesting ads were mostly for movies and tv shows. The best of the rest were

Pedigree's Crazy Pets
Monster's Need a New Job
Pepsi's "I'm Good"

The best actual superbowl ad was Danica Patrick in Godaddy.com's Shower ad, but to see the whole thing, you need to go to GoDaddy.com. (It is cleaner and funnier than you would expect based on the tv ad.) (This ad is particularly effective because it actually makes you go to the site!)

The Best ad of the day, IMNTBHO, ran in the pre-game special:

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