03 February 2009

The Day the Music Died

A half century ago today, I was almost three months old, and the Winter Dance Party Tour, featuring Buddy Holly, Richie Vallens and the Big Bopper came to a tragic end in a corn field in Clear Lake, Iowa.

In the preceding week, the tour had been trapped in a snowstorm in Hurley, Wisconsin. Hurley was immortalized in a 19th century comment on the towns overtaken by single lumberjacks on the weekend: "The last three stops on the train to perdition? Hayward, Hurley and Hell!"

Later in the week, the Winter Dance Party Tour played the Duluth Armory. There was a 16 year old local Minnesota kid in the audience named Bob Zimmerman, who, legend says, was foreverafter wanting to be a Rock Star.

My only question on this anniversary, which I deem significant in American Pop Culture is: When does the Big Bopper get a movie?

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