22 January 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The pure genius of those who govern our nation!

The state legislature of Minnesota decided to mandate that all diesel fuel sold in the state be blended to contain 2% bio-diesel fuel. I do not know if this was done just to increase the sale of soybeans or out of some concern for oil shortages or the environment or what ...

There is a problem with this, though: bio-diesel turns into gelatinous slime in very cold temperatures, more easliy than regular diesel. But that's okay, because there are never cold temperatures in Minnesota!

Reports the STrib:

Bloomington Public Schools closed Friday after biodiesel fuel required to be used under state law gelled in about a dozen school buses due to subzero temperatures. The problem left some students at bus stops on Thursday morning for as long as 30 minutes or sitting on stalled buses.

In the south metro area, the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District started school two hours late Friday after a similar problem with biodiesel fuel in about a dozen buses the day before.

The Minnesota legislature has mandated increasing the bio-diesel blend to 5% in the spring.

But that is ok, because there is an eco-friendly (?) solution that will allow the busses to burn biodiesel without having the fuel turn to sludge in the busses:

"We didn't have this problem due to a few reasons, but one of them is luck," said Joe Raasch, deputy chief of operations for St. Paul Public Schools. "In extreme weather like this, sometimes we'll keep buses running all night."

Is it any wonder that these people may yet give us Senator Al Franken?

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victorsleeps said...

Just had one of our trucks that was running a hot shot encounter the same problem the other day.

His bio-diesel fuel turned to gel from the cold. Had to get towed to my dock. Had to send a second truck in to run the freight. Then had to get towed again to a repair shop.

So it took 4 trucks spewing greenhouse gasses into the air just to make a simple move.

Go Green!