14 January 2009

Who's Tolerant and Who's Not

The left likes to tout the notion that they are tolerant and the right is not.

Then why is it that the selection of Evangelical Pastor Rick Warren (with whom I have significant theological differences) to pray at the Inauguration incited a firestorm of attacks from the Left (as I noted here and here), including demands that he be disinvited?

Yet, now that the Inaugural Committee has asked Gay Episcopal Bishop Vicki Gene Robertson "to lead prayers at the opening of celebrations next Sunday leading up to his inauguration next week."

This has gotten so little response from the Evangelical community that I (a news junkie) did not know it happened two days ago until an Episcopal colleague expressed his dismay with it this morning at a pastor's breakfast. So apparently the intolerant evangelicals are actually more tolerant than advertised. And how tolerant is Bishop Robinson?

Bishop Robinson was himself among those who attacked Mr Obama over the choice of Rick Warren, describing it as a "slap in the face."

It just goes to show what I have said for years: the left is tolerant of anything and anyone as long you don't disagree with them.

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