15 January 2009

A (soon to be )Ho ... AND stupid!

Natalie Dylan, the 22-year-old who’s selling her virginity online, says there’s just one celebrity she’d want to deflower her: Kim Kardashian. “She’s really beautiful,” Dylan told The News’, Nancy Dillon before adding, “but ... I’m heterosexual. I just ­admire her beauty.”

Ummm, Natalie, this is a little awkward, but I'm afraid it is incumbent on someone to ask some questions. Do you know what "virginity" is? Do you know how you lose it? Are you aware that Kim Kardashian doesn't have the right equipment to take it from you?

Do you really have any idea what you are doing?


victorsleeps said...

I think jail would be a wonderful life lesson for Natalie.

Exodio said...

Hey Tony, can I borrow 3.8 million?

Exodio said...


Update on the story.