13 January 2009

Slow down, people, part 2

Since before the election, I have noted that the Obama campaign has been trying to lower expectations of their supporters. Now Newsweek has joined the effort.

In times of war and crisis, as presidents such as Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt discovered, the nation needs a strong chief executive. The flaw of the Bush-Cheney administration may have been less in what it did than in the way it did it—flaunting executive power, ignoring Congress, showing scorn for anyone who waved the banner of civil liberties. Arguably, there has been an overreaction to the alleged arrogance and heedlessness of Bush and Cheney—especially Cheney, who almost seemed to take a grim satisfaction in his Darth Vader-esque image.

In other words, if Bush & Cheney did it, and we yelled about it, now when Obama does it, it will be okay.

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victorsleeps said...

Well one thing that has not slowed down is the number of jobs Obama expects to create.

At first it was 2.5 million. Then 3 million. Then 3 to 4 million new jobs. Really?

Doing the math it's around 2,740 new jobs every day for the next four years. Starting from day one.

That's 19,180 new jobs every week. I don't know about you, but those numbers just seem too big to be true.