31 January 2009

Birds of Prey

rap·tor, noun, (from Latin, plural of raptor plunderer, from rapere) bird of prey

Victorsleeps pointed me to this website. I encourage everyone to visit it and fill out the form.

Dear Friend:

I'm writing to alert you to an urgent issue that needs your support. The production of the nation's most advanced fighter aircraft, the F-22 Raptor, is in jeopardy--and along with it more than 95,000 American jobs and more than $12 billion in economic activity. I have signed an online petition urging the Obama Administration to release funds already authorized for ongoing Raptor production to preserve this important program. I hope you will join me in this effort!

By law, our new President must decide the fate of the Raptor program during his first weeks in office. Please join me in signing the online petition [http://www.preserveraptorjobs.com] urging Congress and the Administration to continue F-22 Raptor production, protect American jobs and the economy, and strengthen our national security!

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