01 January 2009

Negotiating from Weakness

The Gaza mess continues.

The EU foreign ministers called for a ceasefire yesterday that started with a call for an unconditional end to the Hamas rocket attacks.

Hamas, who lost of of its top ten leaders this morning, came back and demanded conditions.

For its part, Israel has done a fantastic job of carrying out a surgical strike campaign ibn one of the most densely populated places on the planet. With over 400 deaths, the worst report is 25% civilian deaths. One Hamas report showed 390 dead and 60 civilian dead. As tragic as that is, it is not bad given the mileau of the battle.

I still think that Israel should publish and leaflet drop a list of addresses, declare a ceasefire and say that that for every rocket that comes across the border, two (or ten?) homes on the list will be destroyed, with no further warning. The Palestinians elected these murderers, who think that their position is strengthened as bodies pile up on both sides, so let the Palestinians run them out of town.

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