14 January 2009

How Obama Got Elected

I am not sure if this says more about the media, its choice of stories and their influence

or about the Republicans failure to communicate

or about the quality of the voters in this country, but this is a fascinating survey.

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Exodio said...

Obama got elected because the Neocons got their hooks into McCain's campaign and waged a bitter, divisive campaign instead of letting McCain play to his strength - bridging the aisle.

McCain even talked against his own campaign, saying that we didn't have to fear Obama, and that he wasn't a socialist.

If they had let McCain run his campaign as McCain, he would have been a shoe-in. The elections these days aren't won by the base, they are won by the swing voters that are undecided. Pushing all of them reasonable, level headed people away with hate propaganda and fear mongering is what did the campaign in.