11 January 2009

Hey, the church I serve is a non-profit...

...but we probably couldn't get this up the Namekagen.

I was screwing around with Google Earth, and happened to look up where I knew the Ghost Fleet was located on Suisun Bay, a part of San Francisco Bay. I did not realize what I would see:

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Yup. That's right. BB-61, the USS Iowa is sitting around in mothballs, waiting for someone to make a museum out of her. She is the only completed ship of her storied class (which includes the BB-63, the USS Missouri) not to be open to the public. A pity.

Apparently Congress is concerned about having her available for her surface bombardment capability in the event of another war. As usual, Congress is preparing for the next war by being completely ready for the last one.

Could she make it up the Mississippi during as far as Davenport? If she can, she should be sent and made into a museum to honor the Midwesterners who have ventured onto the high seas to serve their country.

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