27 January 2009

An Email to my Senators

Dear Senators Kohl & Feingold,

I implore you, please do not vote for the current House "economic stimulus" bill.

There may be a lot of projects that are worthy of support in the bill, but let them go through the regular budget process.

This bill should only include a 1 year payroll tax holiday (so consumers would have more money in their pockets to spend and businesses could hire more workers), assistance grants or loans for states that are in budget trouble, unemployment insurance payments extensions and school and roads/bridges projects that will begin within 18 months (tops).

Please hold the line on this.

Thank you


I am not sure I support everything I have told them to leave in the bill, but I do not want them to dismiss me as a wacko...

I wonder if either will respond with more than a form letter....


victorsleeps said...

I like the idea of a one year tax break. Then maybe, just maybe, people will understand how much they are taxed when they see all that extra money in their pay check.

Exodio said...

A one year tax break would do the exact opposite for a vast portion of the population. They would get the break, overspend, and when the taxes went back to regular they would be overextended and in worse shape than they are now.

Then you and I would have to bail out the incompetent yet AGAIN.