13 January 2009

"Conservative" Defined

...at least in practical terms of as opposed to "Progressive."

I joined the Widget political discussion channel, and happened to take a look at the Conservative Oasis where this interesting comparison popped off the page at me.

There is nothing more mind bending than watching a child try to make a point in order to “make” his point, intentionally being obtuse for the purpose of drawing the attention of the other intellectually weak sheep around him.

This is, in fact, how the left operates most of the time. They come up with cute marketable catch phrases like “pro choice” to hide the fact that one of the choices is killing a baby. “Progressive” sounds so attractive, because people want, naturally, to move forward, to have the feeling of getting things done, or to suggest to others that they possess an “open mind”, which of course one must have if one wants to be really fair and considerate in this world.

What conservatives instinctively understand is that freedom is lost without boundaries; that promoting the good in people is better for society as a whole; that sometimes we need protection from our desires, and if not, then protection from those who cannot control theirs. We see a beauty in order; and are capable of accepting that authority exists, and for good reasons, most of the time. We understand that compassion means that you help people when they need it, sometimes only when they deserve it, while at the same time understanding that helping people too much is often not truly helping them at all...

Conservatives understand that you just can’t walk away and expect these people to “calm down and leave us alone”. Radical, militant Islam is a fervent, fanatical empire building entity based on a form of their religion. This is a modern day . These people are not just wanting to be left alone. They want, well, what Hitler wanted. What we face in this Country is not just a fight against . We also face a fight against a radical element of our own society, our own populace, our own politics.

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