11 December 2008

What are they hiding?

Special Report with Brit Hume reported this during their Political Grapevine segment last night:

All three network morning shows covered the allegations and arrest of Governor Blagojevich today. But a look by our research department at the first 30 minutes of NBC, CBS, and ABC's programming show a decided omission.

And on "The Today Show," there was not a single reference to Blagojevich's party affiliation in the first half-hour of the program.

Not one of the networks identified Blagojevich directly as a Democrat. Four minutes into "The Early Show" on CBS it was noted Blagojevich and President-elect Obama "Have both been leaders in Illinois Democratic politics for years." Over on "Good Morning America," six minutes into the broadcast it was said the Illinois governor had "roots in the Chicago Democratic machine."

This is not particularly surprising, since James Taranto over at Best of the Web Today at Wall Street Journal online has for some time run a feature where a politician gets in trouble and the media does not mention the party he is a member of ... unless he is a Republican. (Sorry, no link.)

But I noticed something else. In preparing for the post on KSM, I googled him for news stories and pulled up an ABC News story. It makes clear reference to KSM, to 9/11, to bin Laden, etc. But why, in heaven's name, does it not mention that he is a member of Al Qaeda?

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