11 December 2008

Something good to say about KSM

Yes, I actually have something good to say about 9/11 mastermind, former number three man in Al Qaeda, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, (KSM) wants to plead guilty.

I find this fairly refreshing. So often we have had these supposed warriors for the "truth" of Islam who go out and kill a bunch of people, or try to, and then they lie through their teeth about it. I personally find them to be the lowest form of pseudo-religious slime. (The same goes for anyone of any faith tradition, including my own, who behaves in the same way.) If you do it in the name of God or your god, then own up to it.

KSM wants to plead guilty. I think that puts him several steps about the average terrorist scum. Which is not very far up at all.

Now as for sentencing, I do not think he should get the death penalty. I think he should be confined to a new maximum security unit at Alderson Federal Prison Camp. Yup. Really.

Okay, that is probably not secure enough. Make it Bedford Hills.

You gonna kill our people like that, KSM? Then you are our b****. At least it is better treatment than internet urban legend says he would have gotten at the hands of General John "Blackjack" Pershing.

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victorsleeps said...

I'm all for emasculation just as much as the next guy. But if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants to hurry along his "martyrdom," the United States government should oblige him.