27 December 2008

A Solution to the Gitmo Problem!

Everyone is fretting over what to do with the people at Guantanamo Bay Detention Center.

Especially problematic are the 50 or so prisoners who cannot be returned to their home countries because they would be tortured or face other retribution.

Naturally, the Left is very concerned about these folks. Some want them released into the U.S. Fortunately, apparently President elect Obama is not one of them.

But since the Left is so concerned, I have a solution. March them right to the gates of the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base and set them free. In Cuba.

After all, the Left simply loves Cuba, and Fidel. Check out these quotes:

  • "Viva Fidel! Viva Che! Castro is the most honest and courageous politician I've ever met." --Jesse Jackson.
  • "Very selfless and moral. One of the world's wisest men." --Oliver Stone.
  • "Cuba's Elvis." --Dan Rather.
  • "Castro is at the same time the island, the men, the cattle, and the earth. He is the whole island." --Jean Paul-Sartre.
  • "A dream come true!" --Naomi Campbell.
  • "If you believe in freedom, if you believe in justice, if you believe in democracy, you have no choice but to support Fidel Castro!" --Harry Belafonte.
  • "A genius." --Jack Nicholson.
  • "Fidel, I love you. We both have beards. We both have power and want to use it for good purposes." --Francis Ford Coppola.
  • "The first and greatest hero to appear in the world since the Second World War." --Norman Mailer.
  • "Socialism works. I think Cuba might prove that." --Chevy Chase.
  • "Castro is an extraordinary man. He is warm and understanding and seems extremely humane." --Gina Lollobrigida.
Other fans of Fidel and the Communist government include Robert Redford, Steven Spielberg and Ted Turner, to say nothing of Sean Penn and Michael Moore.

So let's release them into the worker's paradise! Who could complain?

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