27 December 2008

Really Stupid Stuff, part 685

A beginner is defined as "an inexperienced person."

Someone who has never done something before is unlikely to be very good at it. For this reason, the Supreme Court has overturned the death penalty in cases where the defense attorney had never tried a case. (Sorry, old memory, no link.) In the same way, people studying to do psycho-therapy first observe, and then practice under a mentor for hours and hours before being certified to do this on their own. Likewise surgeons.

Really, would you want a surgeon operating on you who had never done this before?

So the other night, I happened to catch an old song on a commercial. If the are claiming that the girl is a good dancer, why would they describe her as "dancing like she never danced before"?
BTW, some things do, evidently, get better with age.

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