01 December 2008

Not Socialist Enough?

I used to live near Astoria, Oregon. I had reason to look at the local paper's website out there this week. I found this letter rather amusing:

Letter: Socialism? Hmmm
You may find these accusations from the right wingers both nationally and locally amusing about Barack Obama being a "Socialist" because he wants to tax the wealthy for a change, and give tax breaks to the poor and middle class. But we actual Socialists are highly offended.

Obama's tax policy is simply a bit of justice and common sense, which have been so rare as policies in our country lately, that I guess many can't recognize them. If anyone actually wants to steer this country towards Socialism, which after all is simply taking into account what is "socially economic" that is, good for the majority of the people, as well as what is economic in terms of profits, that is money accumulated by people who don't work for it - here are three suggestions so obvious they scream out for our attention:

1. Universal, nonprofit health care. Americans already pay more for it than any other country, and yet 46 million of us go without.

2. Nationalized Air and Train Transportation. Let's have one airline and one railroad, which work efficiently and get people from here to there safely and in comfort and on time. Who cares if they don't make a profit? Why should they?

3. Free public education for everyone, at every level. To reserve learning for only those who can buy it is a heinous crime. Are these Socialist ideas? Durn tootin'. Can we afford them? We can't afford to go on much longer without them.

Joseph Webb

Yes, the government has done such a bang up job with the public schools that President Elect Obama is going to send his daughters to a private one! And this dufus wants to give us nationalized health care, education and transportation.

Note to Mr Webb: the only governement that ever ran trains efficiently was Mussolini!

Or not.

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