22 December 2008

My future is, apparently, grim...

... if Phred Phlamm has anything to say about it.

This response was posted to an article I will comment on in another post.

Ten years from now, when it is obvious that humans have caused huge and deleterious changes to our planet, I would support using Google and other online resources to identify climate change deniers who were thoroughly debunked and, on the basis of this evidence, rounding them up and feeding them into wood chippers, feet first. Slowly. Then use the resulting mulch to fertilize some ground and grow a tree. Let them do some good in death, as they certainly did none in life.
Posted by Phred Phlamm on 12/19 at 03:55 PM | #

I once responded read a newspaper letter to the editor where the author claimed that "liberals are magnanimous." Once again, I would suggest that greatness of spirit is a far from universal trait among liberals.

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