23 December 2008

More Ecclesiastical Lies

Katharine Jefferts Schori is the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church. She is an extreme "progressive" who is presiding over the dissolution of TEC.

Last week she repeated one of the most stupid attacks that those who wish to criticize Christianity for use.

Asked at a National Press Club speech whether the biblical institutions for marriage apply to same-sex couples, Jefferts Schori replied with some sarcasm:

“Oh, which biblical institutions for marriage? Solomon’s many, many, many wives? The concubines? The slaves who bore children for their male masters? There are some very odd images of family life in the Bible. And when people talk about family values, I want to know which ones.”

This is bologna, and Shori ought to know it. It is on par with the sort of silly "criticisms" that Madeline Murray O'Hair and her ilk used to spew. The Biblical principles that are set forward for human behavior are never lived up to, in Scripture or out of it. The purpose of the stories is to show us God's faithfulness, not to serve as templates for human relationships.

I wonder if she is really this cynical, or if she just does not know.

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