30 December 2008

Minnesota (Not) Nice, part 2

MINNEAPOLIS -- Minnesota voters won't know who won the state's U.S. Senate race this year, and it's looking more likely that the new Congress will be sworn in before the race ends between Democrat Al Franken and Republican incumbent Norm Coleman.

The state Canvassing Board on Tuesday scheduled a Jan. 5 meeting and its chairman said the panel's work could spill into Jan. 6 -- the day the next Congress convenes.

Democrat Al Franken leads Republican Sen. Norm Coleman with an increasingly small number of ballots yet to consider. Franken finished the day up 47 votes, according to a preliminary report by the secretary of state's office. An earlier report by the office had placed the margin at 48 votes but the Canvassing Board made one correction costing Franken a vote.

How could this be, you ask? Because of some clever mind reading by the Canvassing Board. (I have a friend who is serving thereon, and I am going to have to ask him about this after all is said and done.)

This vote did not count as a vote for Coleman, because after filling in the ballot, the voter went back and put an x over the mark. Interestingly, this was not counted for Norm Coleman:

But this was counted for Al Franken.

There are also cases of double votes, and missing ballots and and and...

This will end up in court, and no matter how it turns out, the joke is on the people of Minnesota.

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victorsleeps said...

With technology today, why are we still using paper ballots? There has to be a better way.