02 December 2008

Ill Manners

Imagine a request to provide an ornament for the Christmas tree of a hostess. You are a person of influence, so you call an artist who creates a special ornament.

Now if you are the artist, would you take this opportunity to insult the hostess's husband?

And if the artist showed such ill manners, would you as the person of influence pass this on?

Apparently, if you are an artist named Deborah Lawrence, or a complete moron of a congressman (small case 'c' is intentional) named Jim McDermott, the answer is yes.

Seems that the ill mannered "artist" created a "Christmas tree ornament" that said, "Impeach Bush." And now the moronic, Saddam loving congressman says he had nothing to do with it.

Fortunately, the press got wind (yes, the MSM) and Mrs Bush had it pulled.

I recently heard Fitzsimmons Allison speak. He quoted more people than I could keep up with. One of his quotes was to the effect that, "Art detached from worship loses its ability to be beautiful or inspire." (I will try to find the quote and amend this post.)

I think that quote may be a little bit extreme, but it surely applies here.

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