29 December 2008

The Gaza mess

Aside from the tragedy and sadness over the loss of life, two comments come to mind regarding the current mess in Gaza.

First, the Israeli's are working to destroy tunnels that militants use to bring in the rockets that they fire at Israel. From the BBC:

Israel has bombed supply tunnels in the southern Gaza Strip in a second day of intense air raids aimed at forcing Hamas militants to halt rocket fire...

A major tunnel bringing fuel into Gaza from Egypt was among three destroyed, Palestinians say. But Israel says its jets bombed more than 40 tunnels.

Israel accuses Palestinian militants of using the tunnels to smuggle weapons into Gaza.

As jets pounded the southern Gaza Strip hundreds of Palestinians stormed over a fence on the Gaza-Egypt border, but Egyptian security forces fired shots to prevent them entering.

So as I look at the map, it appears that the tunnels that the Israelis are trying to bomb shut come from Egypt. Egypt can keep the border fence from being overrun but they can't shut down the tunnels?

Maybe Israeli jets ought to go after whatever Egyptian politicians or generals are taking the bribes to keep the tunnels open.

My second thought concerns Israeli tactics. I think they should hold back the ground forces and airdrop some leaflets into Gaza. Let the people know that for every rocket or mortar shell that flies into Israel, they will destroy two houses, one near the border, until there is a sufficiently large dead zone that the terrorists have no cover to fire from, and another chosen at random from anywhere in Gaza.

And on the leaflets publish the list of addresses which will be targeted in what order, so people have an opportunity to clear out of their houses before the strike. The popular uproar might cause the people to punish Hamas. One can only hope.

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