18 December 2008

The end is coming, the end is coming!

USA Today, hardly a conservative rag, has a wonderful article. It compares the attitudes and pre-occupations of certain Christians who focus on the Book of Revelation and the End Times (Christians who are usually regarded as nuts by the left) and those members of the Environmental Left itself.

Tim Krattenmaker, who works at Lewis & Clark University in Portland, Oregon, alma mater of Monika Lewinsky, offers us a wonderful new word.

Jim Proctor, head of environmental studies at Lewis & Clark ... is also a teacher and researcher with academic training in religion as well as environmental studies. Through many intense conversations with Proctor, I've begun to suspect that secular liberals who joke about right-wing Christians' doomsday scenarios fall for some of the same unproductive thinking and believing.

Waiting for the rapture has its secular analog in a phenomenon you might term "dystopian dread": a growing sense of imminent ecological collapse — the ecopocalypse, if you will. Particularly ascendant here in the lush green and relatively unchurched Pacific Northwest, the narrative offers a form of secular theology that resembles aspects of the Left Behind scenarios. Instead of God, nature unleashes its wrath on "sinful" humanity; instead of the savior's second coming, ecotheology awaits a green utopia in which electric cars, locally grown organic food and post-consumer-culture sustainability rise in the ashes of disaster.

So for you, gentle reader, I offer a challenge: try to use ecopocalypse (or ecopocalyptic, or some other form of the word) at least once a week in regular conversation. If the Global Warmists are going to act like religious nuts, let's label them what the same language.


victorsleeps said...

Haha, Ecopolypse, love it. Great Post.

Tony said...

No, Scott did not get that wrong. I mis-spelled it in the original post. I am not sure which is bettter, ecopolypse or ecopacolypse.

I suppose either will do.