29 December 2008

Big Government Defined

Mary Anastasia O'Grady on the Journal Editorial Report the other night was asked whether the 2008 election was a "realigning election in the sense that it changes the fundamental relationship of the American people to their government, a lot like 1980 did, although this would be in reverse."

O'Grady redefined the promise of big government in a wonderful analogy:

I see a parallel here with Bernard Madoff, believe it or not... People went to Madoff because he was giving very steady returns year after year, even though they weren't out of the park, they were there consistently. And what Obama is offering people, what the left is offering people is, you know, during a time of a lot of insecurity about the financial meltdown and rising health-care costs, he says I'm going to expand entitlements. And I think that's what people voted for... I think people are especially concerned about health care. And I think what we need to see is how long is it going to take the American electorate to understand that this also is one of the biggest Ponzi schemes that has ever been foisted on them, the idea that these entitlements can grow and protect everybody at no cost.

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