20 December 2008

Bad Girls Club

A t-shirt I once saw read:

Good Girls Go to Heaven; Bad Girls Go Everywhere.

Including, apparently, the Illinois Attorney General's office.

I am still looking for some good guys in the Blagojavich mess. Attorney General Lisa Madigan will not be one of them. The Illinois Supreme Court appropriately spanked her, turning her motion down with a one sentence denial, and Charles Krauthammer tells us why:

You've got to love this story and you have to love this state.

We know what the governor's like. But here you've got the attorney general, who supposedly is the good guy, on the side of truth and justice, who brings a suit that is not only ridiculous, but is lawless.

The idea that the attorney general should strip the governor of his powers on the grounds of disability, as Fred indicated, in a law that clearly is aimed at a guy who is in a coma, is what happens in a Banana Republic. Presidente is disabled, and all of a sudden he disappears. Or Khrushchev when he was deposed, it was announced that he resigned for reasons of health. It's not supposed to happen in America, but I guess it happens in Illinois.

Actually, Charles, it did not happen in Illinois. But the fact that Madigan wanted it to and tried to make it happen removes her from the list of potential heroes.

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