03 November 2008

Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?

It is widely reported that Barack Obama has an economic plan that strongly resembles Marxist socialism. It seems that some of his supporters also support Marxist Leninist socialism. And some of them are in his campaign.

First,Florida TV anchor Barbara West gets to the root issue: rather than just asking the surface question about Obama's plans, puts them in historical context, referencing Karl Marx. For that, and for asking questions about ACORN, which Biden spun, her station has been blacklisted by the Obama camp. Apparently, it is a bad thing to question the Obamessiah's ideas.

Then, Joe the Plumber asks Sen. Obama a simple question. Obama gives an honest answer... perhaps too honest, because he reveals his socialist tendencies, "wanting to spread the wealth around." The result? Ohio public officials, at least some of whom are Obama supporters, have begun using state records searches to find mud to smear Joe with.

That is, for all intents and purposes, Leninism: socialism + intimidation.

It gets worse. Now we have an Obama supporter and radio talk show host, who also writes for the Huffington Post, caught on the air asking for someone to kill Joe the Plumber. (Warning, vulgar language on this clip.)

The problem with socialism is that it begins as a means of controlling the economy. Since it does not work, in order to keep it around, its proponents are required to control the marketplace of ideas. How'd you do that? You restrict access to the media that disagrees with you, you use government organs to intimidate those who question you, and you kill those who will not shut up.

This is what his supporters see as Barack Obama's America.

Be afraid.

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