06 November 2008

Really stupid stuff, parts 683 & 684

I know it seems like I have skipped some numbers since the last really stupid stuff post I made was part 2. Truth is that we have just come through an election season, and I lost count of how much stupid stuff I have heard.

One of the best was a CNN radio reporter who, it seemed, ended every report on the stock market roller coaster in September and October with the comment, "and so the uncertainty continues."


When has the future ever been certain? And no, saying "odds are that the sun will rise tomorrow" is not certainty.

But FoxNews normally knows better than this kind of stupidity. Check out this headline and the stunning opening and closing paragraphs of this brief story:

Conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck Supporting Barack Obama

The View's conservative cutie Elisabeth Hasselbeck stunned viewers today by throwing her support behind president-elect Barack Obama.

Executive Producer Barbara Walters asked Hasselbeck, who campaigned with John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin, how she felt after seeing McCain/Palin go down to defeat on election night.

Hasselbeck said her daughter Grace, 3, had asked her who won and who lost the election. "No one lost," Hasselbeck said she told her child. "Seriously, today is a victory for this country."

Hasselbeck said the massive voter turnout and the excitement of the presidential contest inspired her. "I will get in a long line of supporters … for this president," she said.

Only a moron or un-American partisan or a bigot would say anything else.

I'm not as famous as Hasselback, and I haven't been called a cutie in a long time, so it probably won't make Fox news, but let me say this: it is a significant event in American history, and good for the country that we have elected a black president. It demonstrates that we have overcome structural and systemic racism in this country. And even though I would have preferred a different black president, come January 20, Barack Obama will be my president, and I will support him as my president. Even as I anticipate disagreeing with him vigorously, and probably working against him in the next election, I will support him as president

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