03 November 2008

It's about control

More evidence that the Democratic Party's stealth neo-socialist agenda is really about controlling every aspect of American life.

1. In Arizona, they are voting on a proposition which simply says:
"no law shall be passed that restricts a person's freedom of choice of private heath care systems or private plans of any type." Also: "No law shall interfere with a person's right to pay directly for lawful medical services . . ."
Who could oppose such a simple law? Well, the Wall Street Journal tells us:

Democratic Governor Janet Napolitano argues that Proposition 101 would limit future health-care reform options. Eric Novack, a physician and the chairman of Proposition 101, responds, "The only option that our initiative rules out is a mandatory single-payer system." Single-payer health-care systems, as in Canada, make it illegal in most cases for people to go outside the government's system and contract for their own medical services. Arizona's proposition forbids those kinds of restrictions.

Defenders of a government-run system, Barack Obama among them, insist they have no intention of limiting patient rights to choose health plans and doctors. That is belied, however, by the strong opposition to the Arizona initiative. The Democratic leader of the Arizona state House, Phil Lopes, is trying to pass a single-payer bill which states explicitly: "A person shall not provide private health insurance to a beneficiary for health care that is covered by the health security plan . . . ."

It's all about control.

2. On another front, Barack Obama's website has a tax cut calculator. According to this tool, John McCain will cut my taxes by $322. The Obamessiah will cut my taxes $1670.

But don't go spending that tax cut just yet. Obama has a scheme for capping carbon emissions that involves Draconian fees, which will be passed on to the consumers. The latest evidence for this comes from January 08 interview with a San Francisco newspaper editorial board.

Remember, gentle readers, that coal provides 50% of our electricity currently. Expansion of coal fired plants and nuclear power (which Obama opposes) are the only way any reasonable analyst can see forward to ridding ourselves of dependence on foreign energy sources.

Obama has said that he is for clean coal. I guess he's so much for clean coal that he doesn't want anyone to actually burn it.

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