05 November 2008

An historic day

I do think that is says something remarkable about the USA that we elected Obama ... and I mean that in a good way. Perhaps the New Orc Times put it best:

Obama Is Elected President as Racial Barrier Falls

So I will brook no more crap from anyone about structural or systemic racism in this country. It is demonstrably untrue.

There will still be individual bigotry and incidents of discrimination (always has been, always will be) but the systemic racism charge has been undone.

The real question now is: can a bunch of back bench bombthrowers step up and lead? It is harder than it looks. Much easier to criticize and complain than to put forth programs for others to criticize.

This country is slightly right of center. That means Obama, who owes huge debts to the far left is going to have to tack to the center if he is going to successfully lead. THere is no history to support the conclusion that he is going to do this.

If he is going to govern from the middle, he will need moderate Republicans. That means he will have to do what he promised: reach across the aisle. Apparent choice of Rahm Emanuel, one of the most vicious attack dogs on the Democratic side of the aisle, as his chief of staff does not bode well for that.

In fact, such a high profile chief of staff as Emanuel almost makes one think of the old who's really running things questions that arose during the Reagan administration ...


Exodio said...

Tom Daschle.


Tony said...


Exodio said...

You mentioned about who is really running things. Tom Daschle. He helped Barack win the campaign. Working behind the scenes and not taking a lot of credit.

Barack is just being run by the same gears of the Democratic party. Anyone who tries to think otherwise doesn't understand.