07 November 2008

2 good things to say about Rahm Emanuel

I shall endeavor to be fair, so let me say two things that I have heard that sound better about President-elect Obama's choice of Rep Emanuel for chief of staff.

First, it was pointed out last night on Special Report with Brit Hume of FoxNews by, I believe, Charles Krauthammer, that the coming battle between the Obama administration and Congress is not Democrats versus Republicans; it is the Obama administration versus the hard left wing of the Democratic Party in Congress. If he is going to have a successful presidency, Obama is going to have to resist Moveon and the labor unions and Barney Frank, et al. Rahm Emanuel is a centrist at heart, even if he is one of the most partisan attack dogs in Congress. The Politico points out:

Although Emanuel is undeniably a partisan fighter, his selection is not an ideological statement. The Chicago Democrat does not share the reflexively liberal views of many of his House colleagues. In the Clinton years, he helped pass the North American Free Trade Agreement and pushed for anti-crime and other centrist measures.

Second, the selection of Emanuel seems to be a positive sign to Israel. He had dual citizenship until it was 18, and was a civilian volunteer with the IDF during the 1991 Gulf War.

On the downside, was also on the board of Freddie Mac during the scandal plagued era of 2001. Hopefully he has learned something.

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