27 November 2008

Double standards?

First, from FoxNews.com,
The president-elect isn't shy about his penchant for exercise. He begins most mornings with a visit to a gym and frequently discusses his love for sports. Associated Press reporter Deanna Bellandi describes the incoming first couple as "fabulously fit." Back in June, Men's Fitness magazine ranked Obama the candidate as one of the 25 fittest guys in America.

So if this virtue of exercise is praised, how, you ask, have reporters referred to President Bush's workout routine? They have used words such as "obsession," "indulgence" and even "creepy" to describe the President's exercise habit.
Then, closing funny bit from the same show had a clip, I think from Jimmy Kimmel, (sorry, can't find a link) which was a mash of clips showing President elect Obama and President Bush bith, repeatedly saying, "Uhhhh" while talking without notes.

Will Obama be regarded as stupid too?

And then this question from my local paper:
In response to my friend Jacque Lindskoog's letter, now that the war in Iraq is coming to an end (thanks to the success of the surge), will the Peace North group be protesting your President Obama's plan to go into Afghanastan? Just curious.
Me too.

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victorsleeps said...


About 2 months ago I found this video clip of David Letterman doing an Obama "Uh" Count.


Back then I referred to the Senator as "Uhbama". Without a teleprompter, he's, uh. lost.