31 October 2008

Two reasons for hope ...

Two little tidbits from talk radio in Minneapolis yesterday.

First, Howard Fineman of Newsweek reminded Mike Gallagher that since 1960, the Democrats have nominated three winning presidential candidates. All three came from small towns in the south. When they nominate a northern Cosmopolitan candidate, they lose. There are those who may think it's time to break this 50 year streak, but I'm good with it.

Second, and this is even more meaningless, according to Michael Medved, only one time since the Gallup poll has been around, as a candidate in behind one week before the election and gone on to win both the popular and electoral votes. Only one time in the history of baseball have the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Both things happened in 1980. The Phillies won the World Series this week. Does this mean anything?

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