28 October 2008

TheNew Orc Times editorial board gets one right

The New Orc Times as published an editorial in endorsing a political candidate by offering this criticism of his opponent, who's accused of:

"fostering the idea that there exists a great fund of wealth which has only to be divided more equitably in order to make everyone prosperous" and "permitting important members of his Administration to preach the doctrines of class jealousy and class hatred."

No, you did not read that wrongly. The NYT has attacked a Democrat for exactly what Barack Obama has been practicing and advocating.

Unfortunately, this statement is from an endorsement of Wendell Wilkie, and is a criticism of Franklin Roosevelt in the 1940 election.

Just when you think they've got it. Oh well.

Hat tip: Best of the Web Today

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victorsleeps said...

They are only 68 years behind the times...not that bad