06 September 2008

Parsing Sentences

Apparently, the city council of Washington, DC cannot figure out when they have been spanked. After the Washington gun-control law was struck down by the US Supreme Court, they passed a new bill which says, according to the press release:

The legislation modifies existing law to clarify that firearms in the home must be stored unloaded and either disassembled secured with a trigger lock, gun safe, or similar device. An exception is made for a firearm while it is being used against reasonably perceived threat of immediate harm to a person within a registered gun owner’s home.
In other words, the gun must remain locked away and unloaded until an intruder is in your house or at your door and you are aware of it.

The Washington, DC city Council seems resigned to allow people to keep arms, but not bear them.

I would guess that folks are headed back to court.

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