16 June 2008

June 7: Trusses up !

On Saturday, June 7, I had a fantastic crew of workers who actually knew something about building and a couple of whom were not afraid to climb up on the trusses and nail down the roof. I am very grateful to Joe Kreyer, Adam Kreyer, Chris Larson, Pete Heisler, Scott McKenzie, Darrell Salzman, Jack Clough and .... I hope I'm not forgetting someone.

Also thanks, at this point are due to Jake Turnbull who poured the footings, Pat Blocker and Scott Orton from Nelson Lumber, whose advice and input has been invaluable, and to Gary Gustafson and Dave Wiek, who have given me advice, loaned me scaffolding and offered to come help finish off the roof at those very tricky valleys were the new roof will meet the old and I really don't want any leaks.

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