20 May 2008

What I have been up to

I have not been blogging much. That has partly to do with the fact that there is little to blog about that has not already been covered by me and 10 million other bloggers. Hillary will go down badly... but she will go down. Obama is overconfident and McCain will have to seriously screw up to lose in November.

So I undertook a little home renovation project. When we bought the house we had a deck. I expanded it to accommodate my hot tub. Last summer we attended a graduation party and the owners of the home had a screened in porch. My bride commented how nice it was, and that she would use the hot tub much more if it was covered by a screened in porch. Well, we shall see...

The first week required that I get a complete set of plans-conveniently taken from my graph paper sketches and turned into computerized blueprints by my local lumber yard, Nelson Lumber-and apply for a building permit. I received a building permit and one of the conditions was that I dig 5 foot deep holes to pour a proper piers or footings into. I got a little help in doing the digging.

Here are some pictures from May 6 and 8, as the holes were dug and the first few boards went up.

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